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I'm a fun loving 30 something year old . Married my favourite guy. Started on my production of children & number 1 is an adorable boy. Big on family. Big on craft. Love country music. Love fuss free + practical ...aaand maybe with just a little bow for decoration!

Love the law of attraction too. And singing ...dancing ...bright colours and excessive punctuation ...and stationery.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Handmade gifts for my girl

Being part of the sewing community means I receive these beautiful gifts when it's a time for celebration.

My Great Aunty Anna Maria crocheted this beautiful blanket for her. The colour isn't photographed well on our mushroom coloured lounge, see the folded corner for correct colouring.

Quilting Mumma made a baby quilt for my daughter within days of her birth. She gave me fabric in this range too, it's called Ever after and has the cutest things on it. Princesses, castles, birdies in trees with bunting... Cute.

And the ladies from my favourite sewing group, Wyong Patchwork and Sewing, gave me the wooden cardigan.
It's a lovely environment to be blessed with.
Love Cass

Monday, February 18, 2013 blocks paper and curves

I can't remember what I've foundation pieced before, but I know I've tried it just once. I still sewed the first two pieces right side to right side in error on ALL FOUR blocks and had to unpick lol.
But the end result is cute, don't you think?
Most of my curved blocks were pretty good even with no pins. This one was unusable lol. I mostly made this block to prove I'm not afraid, to prove I can face curved piecing and use the finished result hehe. Thankfully although it's a little wavy, I am proud of it. Come on, and 16 double bias edges, I did well :-)
I accidentally made too many blue ones so I scrapped the stretched out reject and used the blue one.
Now to count all the craftsy blocks and come up with a layout.. Maybe I'll do those hexagons if I need one more block to square up the quilt...