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I'm a fun loving 30 something year old . Married my favourite guy. Started on my production of children & number 1 is an adorable boy. Big on family. Big on craft. Love country music. Love fuss free + practical ...aaand maybe with just a little bow for decoration!

Love the law of attraction too. And singing ...dancing ...bright colours and excessive punctuation ...and stationery.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Name game quilt swap - Received my mini quilt & it's classic!

I am writing this late at night whilst my Husband tells me I should be asleep, so it is very brief!!
I received my much anticipated name game swap mini quilt this week! It was the size of a big shoe box and I didn't realise it was received until the next morning because my husband had put it on the table and I didn't see it!
First up was a letter to tell the story of my package all the way from France!
Lovely letter too

Wrapped in tissue paper *adorable*!!

Mini quilt received from Christine cricrij77
Name game Mini quilt received from Christine. See the bookshelf, window, table books, and stool!? It's amazing!!

Lucky for me, she put my name on it. With the little French flag and all, my mother wants to steal it to hang in HER sewing room, but it is really growing on me.

But there is more!
And a little something extra again!

All the things added in!
As well as all this thoughtful stuff. Some local magazines, a bunch of gorgeous notepads for sketching ideas, some super cute red buttons, red papers and a bookmark too!
That green fabric is all mine, and I think it may become one of my "uncuttables". You know, one of those fat quarters for which no project is ever good enough so it stays in your stash forever because you just love it too much to wreck it by cutting it up!!

My only regret is that I wish I sent more to my partner, but I guess Christine has taught me to share more of myself next time I am a part of a swap. Thank you, Christine. your handiwork will hang in my home with appreciation. (Another little note to you - How do I know your blog address? I know your swap partner has sent your parcel to you because she is my friend! And I think you should receive your package soon!)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Block of the month eagerness

I did as much as I could do on my block of the month while on holiday.
Between beach visits and trips around the shops, sleeping, a few bevvies and taking care of an almost one year old munchkin, I pre stitched the borders for the remaining words which are yet to be received, and finished the word Help.
I adjusted the watering can image because I thought my interpretation of Lenora's image would look too busy. I've done most of my pics using straight stitch because I keep forgetting to read the key.
I began the flowers doing chain stitch daisy centres. Once they were all done, I somehow saw them as yellow roses so I built on them to get what you see, and did stems with leaves or thorns (whatever u want). I showed my husband and that's when it dawned on me that yellow roses are my favourite! It's funny how the law of attraction works when you least expect it.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Holiday shopping

I have frequented the local quilt shop on my holiday and found some gorgeous Robert Kaufman fabrics, as well as really great blue sky n cloud fabric that I just HAD to have (you know the deal) and I'm simply desperate to cut it and use it.Not sure I will b able to after all this build up, it might join the ranks of my roses fabric, for which no pattern ever seems good enough hee hee
I have finished all the hand sewing possible for my block of the month including the border of the words for which I still haven't received the packages coming in due course.
Anyhoo, finishing this blog with a chai in my hand, the sun on my skin, the crashing waves reminding me that life carries on and on. I had better catch up to the husband and son to make the most of it xx

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