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I'm a fun loving 30 something year old . Married my favourite guy. Started on my production of children & number 1 is an adorable boy. Big on family. Big on craft. Love country music. Love fuss free + practical ...aaand maybe with just a little bow for decoration!

Love the law of attraction too. And singing ...dancing ...bright colours and excessive punctuation ...and stationery.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making boys' shorts for our boys

My friend asked me to show her how to make some shorts for her little cutie pie, and we made a few pairs together. We decided to make matching singlets as well!

Here is the first one I got finished, I don't have a photo with it on my son sorry.

These are pretty simple seeing as they're loose and no 'fitting' is required, but I must be honest and say I read over this tutorial to refresh my memory before heading up to Ally's and cutting out her cute knits.

Here is the other one that I got a few good shots of...

The first look at the penguins. So cute! Spot the handmade quilt and wipes cover in the background. I didn't mean to include them :-P

Then we headed outside for better pictures.

You can see that I put elastic on the bottom seams of the shorts. My boy wont be a baby for much longer and I just like the bunched look whilst he can still get away with it :-)

You can see his mind ticking over, here. This was right before he tasted the flower, and horrible Mummy took it away. Resulting in this....

Naw I think he's cute no matter what he does. The poor model, life's clearly SO tough!
And a shot with a toy I don't mind him tasting...

Friday, November 11, 2011

My creative circle

Another day, another stitch! Today was one of our craft meeting days. My Mum, Sister in law, Aunty and I regularly get together for the sole purpose of craft. Oh and chatting all day just goes with the territory. It's the stuff of "How to make an American quilt" movie scenes. No it's more lovely than that. It's inspirational. It's so lovely to be a part of a family who make time for goodness. I believe in goodness, and sharing it is just great fun.

This time, instead of meeting at one of our houses we went to a local cafe. I can be seen doing some stitching for another of my crafty friends, Ally. I don't have any hand sewing to do at the moment, and she doesn't like the embroidery much so I have told her I'll get to it between my projects. She keeps cooking me delicious meals, so helping her with our block of the month is the least I can do.

Mum is working on a tea cloth she started last century, and if she ever gets finished I don't dare anyone to touch that thing, it's going to be precious. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by damaged craft, I say!

Sharon was working on crochet again, little by little she makes these glorious creations!

Aunty Sandra showed us some of the adorable little winter dudes she has been sewing with a 5th grade class.

And I shared some cute mice I cut out this week...

No sew Christmas gifts, how cute are they?! I found them at this tutorial and just made the shapes up from looking at them. I tried making the ears a little bigger as I went along, as you can see.

All of us, and the assistant, Larson.