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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Block of the month eagerness

I did as much as I could do on my block of the month while on holiday.
Between beach visits and trips around the shops, sleeping, a few bevvies and taking care of an almost one year old munchkin, I pre stitched the borders for the remaining words which are yet to be received, and finished the word Help.
I adjusted the watering can image because I thought my interpretation of Lenora's image would look too busy. I've done most of my pics using straight stitch because I keep forgetting to read the key.
I began the flowers doing chain stitch daisy centres. Once they were all done, I somehow saw them as yellow roses so I built on them to get what you see, and did stems with leaves or thorns (whatever u want). I showed my husband and that's when it dawned on me that yellow roses are my favourite! It's funny how the law of attraction works when you least expect it.

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  1. Well done! Looks lovely & I love the way you displayed them. :)


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