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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Farrah fat quarter traveling stash on the Central Coast

So the traveling stash began a trend amongst my Aussie friends.
After the post by a Quilt club of Australia administrator suggesting that to discuss the traveling stash so much on the Facebook group was off focus, a new group was started. Well I had no idea, but the new stashes were just beginning and it's so exciting! It's brought new people in, and been a great gathering place to discuss the details.
Anyway, Bronwyn from Stop that owl began a stash that was just fat quarters. Brilliant!!
I jumped on board and it came to my door this week!

The image above was the "before" photo.
Below are the fqs that stayed with me:

Here is what I put back:

There are two more fat quarters going back in, and this is because Quilting Mumma, Ally, took a dig into the stash (after I selected mine first, of course). She took hers home and intended to photograph them in the daylight, but her adorable one year old had a turn at Farrah too and the fqs are yet to show up again LOL.
Then I addressed the satchel and passed by Mum's so she could take part too.
She took the fabrics below, including one that I had put in hehe:

And these went back in:

I saw some double ups when I opened Farrah, and whilst I suppose it reduces the variation a little, I think we women might be more likely to take one if the next person isn't going to miss out. So I'm liking a few double ups.

I was frightened it might be over 3kgs, but it's only just over 2.5 at this stage.

Thank you to Bron for organising, and to Sue for sending me the first travelling stash parcel I've ever received.
I hope it was ok to gather local friends to take part, I'm a fan of the more the merrier, and thought it would be fine.

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  1. I think it's great that Farrah was shared around a little more - it didn't slow things down at all and I'm sure you had fun watching Ally and your mum make their selections! I see you scored 4 'original' fat quarters too. ;)


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