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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sasha is back where it all began!!

Oh my GOODNESS I can't believe Sasha the original travelling stash has returned home at last!
I've had such an emotional evening watching the big brother secrets show (I'm a massive bb fan!!) And although I was dying to open the parcel I knew I'd want to share it straight away too, so waited til the end of the show to up end it. I just peeked in the top between ad breaks hehe.

Plus being pregnant has just meant I've been crying intermittently from about 8pm from all the excitement lol.
I'm so absolutely stoked with all the goodies in there. I can't believe there's so much!

There are SO many cool patterns including little chooks, a little gnome, it's awesome.
There are some cool things I've always been interested in but never got around to buying, like quilters fingers grips, various needles, squeakers to put inside softies (got in trouble for squeaking those from my husband because I thought they looked like some kind of tailor's chalk spraying item or something and didn't mean to make "wake the baby" noises lol).

There's even a quilter's calculator in there! Can't wait to read how to use that!!!
There's a gorgeous handmade journal I will not be sharing, it's mine mine mine haha.

There are only two items in there that were in the original package which makes me feel really good. My well intentioned gatherings have made it into new loving homes, bar the free pattern I once got from Logans patchwork, and an iron on patch that seems to have brought home some of her friends. Now that I have a whole set I'm probably more likely to use them on a project lol.

Some items are not that exciting but I'm stoked to get them- bias binding isn't something to write home about normally, but a whole pack of navy blue? I will definitely use that up!
I'll be letting my local friends in on it and see if they'd like to take anything. I probably owe them a few paybacks anyway, I'm always getting given things!

Threads and fabrics and buttons oh my!
Sarah O even dropped in a congratulations present for me! A gorgeous pregnancy photo frame Thanks!

I think my favourite at this stage is the quilter's panel that says things such as "6 projects on the go? Now That's a quilter!" And "ok I won't buy any more fabric least not today". I showed my husband who just looked over it all with a plain expression and, at the end, said "that's really cool .....very true" lol. I think it will be uncuttable until one day I get a sewing room and can decorate it with sewing specific wallhangings. So thank you to whoever put that in there, please follow my blog for the next 19-20 years and I promise to post a picture for you lol (kidding). I've got a great quilter's poem that might take up the centre of those panels.
I'd love to share more but must get to bed.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each person who took part. You all took the time to pick and replace items, sending it on and in some cases hand delivering.
I'll never forget the transformation of an idea that started so small.
I'm so glad I took the time to begin it and hope it's been as exciting for all of you guys as it was for me!
Love, Cass

PS If you're interested in becoming part of a traveling stash in Australia, there are many beginning all the time at the facebook group "Travelling Stashes - Australia". Join up to see what it's all about and decide whether you'd like to take part.

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  1. so glad she came home and you are so happy with everything. thank you for opening my eyes to the travelling stash and letting me part of your journey. :) Cant wait for the next installments.

    1. Thanks Kaitlyn, now I'm just wondering what's the best idea for any things that are left after we've all had a dip. I was thinking I have everyone's postal address, I'd love to be organised enough to send a little surprise in the post every now and again. Just thinking of how exciting it would be to get something in the post that you weren't expecting. Intentions are good but with Christmas and then the baby I doubt I could actually get my butt into gear hehe

  2. So glad she made it home and you are more than welcome for the preggers gift (they aren't available anymore so could be a collectors item!) and the quilting panel, well, I put that in there too!!!! I was hoping the number plate frame would survive. Might have to see what I can do abotu replacing that...

    It's taken me a while to find your blog, very glad I did and hope all is good in your world! Would love to be a part of another one.


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