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Monday, May 20, 2013

Shirring a flower to embellish a boy's hoodie into girl's

Thanks to Ashley at make it and love it I was inspired to buy shirring elastic and wind my bobbin. About a year ago or more. I didn't have the guts to try it out until I was looking for a way to embellish a navy blue hoodie so my daughter could get away with wearing my son's old coat.
I decided her knit/stretch fabric flowers were most suitable for the look I wanted so I gave it a crack. First try I hadn't threaded my bobbin correctly (I wasn't sure if I was expecting too much from the bobbin, although I knew it wasn't threaded as normal) so it didn't shir.
I started again and it worked a charm!
The only surprise to me was how fast the bobbin ran out so you would need to watch that.
I sewed a pink cotton circle over the boyish motif and hand sewed the shirred scrap around it till I liked the look.
I took a pic here but I've since cut the striped lining out of the hood, leaving only blue.
What do you reckon?

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