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Thursday, June 20, 2013

This week in pictures. Princess quilt top done

I recently found a tutorial for Lace/Vintage Flowers and now I'm hooked. See the tutorial that got me hooked by clicking here.

I found that my huge stash never had lace in it! Ok I found some rainbow eyelet lace once, so I had that. Anyway I rushed to buy supplies and this is my first one.

I have normally spent my show funds on quilting supplies and fabric, but at this year's Sydney Show I bought a lot of girly things I've never built into my stash. I have a girl now, no I still can't believe it!
I got home, all excted for vintage off white, cream, bone, beige, mother of pearl and pink, only to find I didn't really have two that matched lol. Take a look for yourself.

Well I obviously need to get more cream, bone eggshell or beige to go with my trims ha. I hate cutting circles so I bought a bunch of felt ones for the back of flowers from ebay and had to laugh when the mail arrived. It was clearly the felt... I know, bare with me, I don't get out much.

So I moved on to finish my daughter's first quilt. Well, finished to the pattern, but I'm going to make it match the mattress size of a single bed with some pin wheels or friendship stars on the top and bottom. Cute, huh? Riley Blake fabric. So adorable.

Also this week I made a sleeping bag with (open ended) zip from top down for my daughter, and a custom request bag to transport a pram on flights. It's a drawstring bag with a bit of Velcro to make the opening a little wider.

And here is the rest of my show spending...


  1. Hi Cass! What a wonderful collection of laces and trims. I've got quite the collection too. Its nice to meet you. Can't wait to get started on the Valentine's swap. Look forward to getting to know you better.

    Anne xx

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