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Love the law of attraction too. And singing ...dancing ...bright colours and excessive punctuation ...and stationery.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Guess I should introduce myself, then

So I created this blog to have a little bit of online presence. My friends all said I should open a store and sell the things I sew. I just opened an Etsy store to share some of the items I made when inspired, but I'm not going to use.

Most things are either inspired from other blogs and tutorials, or a few out of necessity. For example, my 5 month old wanted to play with the foil bag in which the biscuits came, but I didn't want him to ingest any seeing as he's only had breastmilk up to this point, and I don't think foil packaging's on the recommended "feed your baby this" list haha. (See, I'm an awesome Mum!)
So I sewed it into a fabric cover for him. And like most of the time, the ideas rush into your mind at a rate too fast to comprehend, I ended up putting a furry shape on it. Originally intended to be a teddy, I realised I could add a smooth nose and it looked like a wombat (so lets just pretend it was meant to be a wombat from the start hey? *wink*).
I sewed some ribbon to the sides so we can tie it on to the car seat or playgym thingies etc.

Here is a picture of it, I hope to post lots more pictures of my projects to share....

I'm a pretty easy going chick from Australia. Except when it comes to spelling, and I admit I really like proper grammar and excessive punctuation. I even punctuate my text messages haha I can't help it. If you find a spelling mistake feel free to crucify me with comments hehe, I can cop it ...after all, I have two big brothers and two big sisters. They can dish it out, but they bought me my sewing machine when I turned 25 so what the hey ;-)

I talk heaps. Soon I will post more blogs and you will understand. I bet there are plenty of you out there with much in common. Would love to hear from you, and if you blog let me know the details and I'll come and visit!

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