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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Part 2 of my completed projects (Stuff for myself or my son)

Here are a few other items I've made for myself or my son:
A wall hanging for my kitchen that says "If it tastes good, it feeds your soul". Note that this matches the quilt I made for my loungeroom in part 1 of my projects 'cause I loved the fabrics. I didn't follow a pattern, I just made it up.

I love love love practical solutions that are also cute. I tend to craft items which are practical. I needed to press a lot with patchworking but the mini ironing boards I found were 50 bucks so I just made some with a piece of wood from my husband's "stash" (haha it's kind of the same as my stash), a piece of Insul~Bright heat resistant batting (for cooler bags etc.) and some other leftover materials.

A hand pieced patchwork before I knew you could do it using the machine!!
I did the cross stitch myself as well.

A doll I made using a pattern from Patchwork & stitching magazine

My raw edge applique cushion cover. First time stipling and raw edge appliqueing in a class at All about Sewing, Charmhaven, NSW Australia by Allison Nicoll my dear friend.

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