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Friday, June 1, 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that, to taste

I know my friends call me a wifey girl (to my delight) but I never felt I fit that term "domestic goddess". You see, I don't have the penchant for cooking.
I think I've blogged before about how (poor me) I missed out on cooking class in high school. My brilliant Husband cooks dinner for our family every night. He isn't bad, either. So when I say I made something inventive using "my own made up recipe" I see that look wash over his face that says "you don't know enough about food to go INVENTING your own recipes, and I wouldn't be surprised if it tastes worse than banana with tomato sauce" haha. Swiftly followed by an attempt at a smile because we have had this discussion before, and I ask him to give me a chance before the inevitable response of "it doesn't work like that".

So I made these pasties today, and I forgot to include the ingredient: flavour. Oops. Well, I dropped the spice all over the floor, and although I had put *some* in with the mince (before dropping it), can of four bean mix, and frozen veggies, I think I needed about 4 times more.

I'm going to pour a LOT of sauce into a bowl before serving them up to him later... Hmm I wonder if tomato and sweet chilli would go well together?!

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  1. LMFAO... your gorgeous Miss Cass... Im sure your pasties will be great.. (and if not then just try again) OR smother them in tomato sauce LOL xxx

    1. Haha thanks Ally! He didn't mind them, we ate a whole tray of them (and of course a whole bowl of sauce). He suggested something saucy like tomato paste for next time & I went Ohhhhhhhhhhyeah! And cheese!


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