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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shell stitch for Winter

Not much sewing at my place last week, a lot happening in my family.
As I write this we are returning home from farewelling Pop Laurie in his home, Gloucester. He would have been 90 next month, and had an interesting life. I met him when I was 16, and remember the cool Winchester memorabilia in his gun room was probably one of the earliest memories I've got. He used to drive down to my in laws & the first 30 mins of conversation would always be about the 2 & a half hour drive. More if there was anything different or road works hehe.
Always seemed chirpy, I hope to be like that in my 80s.

So that was part of the reason I hadn't sewn much. But I *did* manage to hem a skirt I've been wearing before I finished it properly hehe.

My Mummy friends and I are finding one of the biggest changes in our lives is to make a weekend wardrobe, of 25% of your life, extend to 100% of your days in your life as a Mum. I've really questioned my style the last 15 months and wondered what I would wear given unlimited budget.
I've found tights are suitable for chasing a 1yr old but warm enough etc and began thinking about short skirts I can make to wear with them.

I made this bias skirt and began wearing it unhemmed simply bcoz I needed something to wear & I hate hemming.
It was beginning to look bad though, so I thought I'll give my machine's shell stitch a go along the edge.

It looks a little more complete which I'm happy with. The instruction book said fold your fabric on the bias & shell stitch so the needle periodically drops over the edge of the folded fabric.
Not one to do sewing by the book I took my chances on a raw edge & will happily do it again. What do u think?

Although next time I won't wash it do many times before I get to it ;-)

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