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Monday, December 19, 2011

Name game quilt swap - join by 15 January 2012 [CLOSED]

I just signed up for this as seen on Ally's blog. Exciting, I've always seen these swap things but never in time to be a part of it. I can get a mini quilt with cassthecoolest on it :-D

Sign up by clicking here SORRY FOLKS THIS IS CLOSED NOW
Here are some of the swap basics:

It will be an international swap and is based on the idea of making a mini quilt for your swap partner, using their name / blog name in the quilt.

The size is up to you, but it should be bigger than a mug rug. Work on a minimum of 9” x 12”

It will be a blind swap which means that you won’t know how will make your mini quilt, until it’s delivered by your lovely postal service.

Leave a comment over at the blog post or send her an email if you would like to join too!

Sign up WAS open until 15 January 2012.

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