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Friday, December 28, 2012

FMQ practice on teacups

Next on the calendar now Christmas is done, is to have a baby. Schedule:whenever baby 2 is good & ready.
My good friend is coordinating a high tea get together to celebrate the impending birth.
She would've loved our second babies to come in the same year, and there's still time for 2013, but for argument's sake we were pre naming them Thelma & Louise!
She made the baby a Christmas gift. Isn't it adorable?

I'm making some tea cup pouches, hoping they'll be done in time so the afternoon tea guests get to take one home each :-)
It's good free motion quilting practice.
Here are some I've quilted, to show you my quilting.

Isn't this fabric (hope cove) just divine? I love it.

I love this Anni Downs fabric called my favourite things, I had to show u both sides of the teacup!

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  1. Love your free motion quilting...good luck with "Thelma's" arrival


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