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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mini house ornaments for mini people

When I thought about my oldest sister moving away for two years with her Husband and three kids I knew I would think of them often. There is 10 years between us but we've been sisters for as long as I can remember and our age draws no barriers.

I found Retro Mama's tutorial on little houses and my sister's situation was the perfect excuse to tuck in.

I ditched the birdie and embellished each of the doors with their first initials.
I made the hangers quite long so that they could hang them over a door knob or wherever they could find in the new home to make it their own. A few buttons from my button treasure chest for the handles and the hangers and I got to play with lots of decorative stitches on my new baby.

I stuffed the chimneys even though the tutorial didn't.
She said you can use selvedge for the house numbers which I think is brilliant, but house numbers didn't suit the purpose.

The tutorial is here


  1. What a great idea...they are very cute.

  2. so cute Cass... I love them ! I think i might stitch three little houses for my boys when we move too xxx


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