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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lots of NEW things lately!

A new year, a new hair cut, new local craft store, a new sewing machine, a new sewing machine trolley... HAPPY NEW YEAR

I took back the Singer 6180 Brilliance after the needle plate was giving me grief (not being flush with the rest of the machine's arm) and unfolding my pressed seams right at the crucial moment :-(
It was a really hard decision because I'd fallen in love with all the listed features of that machine. I'd been stoked that all my accessories were compatible and I was so disappointed when I decided I just couldn't work with the needle plate. I never realised how personal replacing your sewing machine would be!!

The staff member at Lincraft Tuggerah was unbelievably helpful. She offered me a refund and also showed me comparable machines. I was so impressed that I wrote a letter to the manager.

I came home with a Brother NS20 to compare. Originally I had intended to only compare features and not even take the Brother machine out of the box unless it was suitable. After more research (and I mean completing a 38 heading spreadsheet for four machines including the Janome DC4030 and Janome DC2101LE from All about sewing) and in the end I chose the Brother NS20.
I’m now happier with the Brother machine than I was with the Singer, and guess what? The bobbins are compatible with my old bobbins! Yay!

So I'm making grey Ohio stars with it at the moment. I'm thinking of turning them into a new machine cover with the works. I want a place to store my cutter and stuff, and I think I can hang it on the back of the chair when it's not over the sewing machine. Ideas Ideas Ideas ....any sewist will relate.
So many ideas, such a short life!

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  1. Cassie..thanks for the heads-up on the name game swap..looks like fun


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