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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Teeny tiny envelopes for Fisher Price letterbox (and door)

My son loves carrying around the envelopes that go with the fisher price letterbox and with his Fisher price door. But because the door was second hand, we only have one envelope. So I thought I'd whip up a few extras for fun.


Using an old plastic container (mine was from Christmas decorations I purchased) trace around your existing envelope, or just draw whatever size you want.
Then cut out.

From your fabric, cut TWO pieces which are:
  • as wide as the envelope plus generous seam allowance, and
  • height of two and a half times the envelope plus a seam allowance
But I wasn't all that accurate. My pieces measured 7in tall x 4 wide. Next time I think I'd do one piece 14in tall and fold it in half Find the centre of one short end and draw an envelope point When sewing the point, be sure to avoid sewing right to the edge of the fabric or when you turn it out you will get fraying ends. Sew around envelope, starting with one long end. Leave the flat short end open. Trim all the corners before turning Oops almost forgot the sides.

  • Flip through (and if you're good, you'll press/iron)

  • Insert your piece of plastic inner as shown and push down toward pointy end.
  • Fold up the flat, open end and stitch a line to seal it (no picture of this single seam)

  • Sew a line of topstitching around the whole outside (should be a stereotypical "house" shape at this stage). I zig-zag stitched on the sides just because I have a new machine and I can't help but try out everything.
  • Fold down the pointy end over the first seam you sewed (to hide it) and secure the pointy end with a few hand stitches.... or see below to avoid handstitching.
I wish I had thought about putting an address on there first. Maybe next time.
***** Here are two more, made using patterned fabrics from Windham fabrics, named "Little Menagerie" by Melanie Hurlston of Melly and me. One I left "open" by not hand-sewing down the point. And the other one I avoided handstitching by
  • just topstitching the pointy end instead of sealing the short end, and
  • folding the point down prior to topstitching around the whole outer. This means the point can be lifted a little but it keeps the envelope shape.
This was the easiest way to do it, and it's the way I'll make any more in future. What do you think?
Could you make some of these for someone you know?


  1. Those are soo cute! Great job on matching up the elephant.

    1. Thanks. LOL the elephant was an accident but I was stoked when I saw it coming together


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