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Monday, January 30, 2012

Just a drop by

No pictures this post, just a little journal entry to verbalise where I'm up to.
I've been looking at the name game mini quilt swap inspiration board lately and it's so exciting to think someone's out there reading my blog (well, that's exciting on its own because I don't really reach anyone as it is) but that they're making something by hand with their heart, JUST for me!

I'm so excited because I've often seen co-ordinated "swaps" but they have always been finalised, normally years before I see the blog.
I was excited *just* to take part in it and have the opportunity to make something for someone else across the globe.
I pray and wish that she likes it and wants to show people what someone like minded made just for her.

...Then I remember that I too will end up with something handmade, which was made up (ideally) based on interpretation of my style.

I obviously love handmade. We don't often make things for our handmaking friends under the pretence that "she can sew, she doesn't want me to make something like that for her. She could just make it herself, probably better than what I could do anyway". But this just has so much mystery to it, and it's made me realise how little I end up with when the sewing's done.
When I *do* finish something I'll often critisize it and say "oh but the hem is a bit strange along here" or 20 other excuses about it, but I guess I'm a woman.
We try to level ourselves so that we are not someone to be jealous of, outcasting ourselves from the others. Listen to me ...I think I'm Carrie Bradshaw tonight LOL

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  1. Oh you are so right!! It really is exciting to swap a mini quilt... well to swap anything really. The handmade part really touches me and I love the surprise of the whole affair!! Can't wait to see what you make and what you get and really nice to say hi to a new friend!!


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