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Friday, May 18, 2012

The brown bag story

I'd bought this brown fabric, and aqua toned fabric in an 'anti-wrong-fabric-choice' rampage within the last year, intending to make a baby bag.
Here's my problem though. I have an awesome Kapoochi baby bag which has pockets for EVERYTHING including hidden ones (for secure items) I didn't even realise were there for 6 months! To make something adequate I would have to raise the bar SO high it became unattainable.

But now my son is over one year old, and I'm the only Mum I know still carrying around panadol, change mats, hats, spare clothes, and everything else, most places I go "just in case".

I'm one of those people who has always had a MacGyver handbag. You know, if I were stuck in an broken elevator I would probably have something suitable for opening the door, saving everyone on board the elevator and anyone in need of a pen or a nail file in the meantime.
So it's difficult for me to downgrade to a smaller bag.

I don't often fall in love with "handmade bags", and I instantly cringe at the word "tote" 'cause I'm simply wayyyy too cool for that... or at least that's some kind of left-brain/right-brain message happening in my life.

However, when I saw the reversible bag pattern in Stitch magazine (Summer 2012) I could picture it in my perfect fabric choices.

Despite having some ridiculously large metreage of this fabric, I cut into it and got started!
It began with this:

Which turned into the inside... (note the fabulous decorative stitching around the top, yes, leaves on leaves, it's so quaint and I *love* having decorative stitches!)

One day I'll add buttons, sure, but it's the first step to letting go of the baby bag.
What do you think?


  1. It looks great! I still cart around spare clothes in the car for my kids...You sound like a girl after my own heart!

    1. Haha thanks Jessica. Yes, in the car. I'm *SO* doing that instead!

  2. Love the decorative stitch. It all looks good. :)


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