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Friday, May 25, 2012

Pulling out the archive projects

I've done all the machine sewing on my current project and decided to brave the incomplete project pile for something to jump into shortly.
I found this quilt I began when my son was born. But as you can see, I had plans to make it wider and didn't know how to tackle my half baked plan.
It was going to be a single bed size, so even though it's been collecting dust, I'm not that far behind schedule :-)

On another note, I realised I hadn't shared a nice photo of my bedrunner.

I fell in love with the tiger panel at Rosehill Craft Show when I saw it at the Barossa Quilt store stand. I had all these images of Peggy Bundy's ugly style, and a bunch of proverbial women on my shoulder saying "Really!?? Tiger print??!".
Nevertheless, I bought it.
...and I'm still stoked I did.
With this freezing weather it's piled on top of some totally mismatched quilts on my bed LOL but when it's not ice cold, it will complement my pretty plain bedroom.

I quilted it very minimally. I'm still new at free motion quilting and this was one of my show quilts, finished on the due day. I just did squares around the centre panel in black to secure it, then tried to follow the fur to quilt the tigers on each side.

Have you tried free motion quilting? How did u find it?

I wish I didn't do that line down the centre, but the rest I think I did really well.

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