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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wanna hear somthing funny?

Yay for me I got my new extension table!!
(...that's not the funny bit)

My little brother-in-law and his lovely girlfriend bought it for my birthday recently. Lincraft ordered it in, and said they would call him when it arrives.
Apparently I am well known at the local Lincraft (although I visit Spotlight and All about sewing more than Lincraft) because they were all "We're so sorry that Cass' table hasn't yet come in" and "Do you know Cass' rewards card number?.... It's ok, her last name is in here let me just search for her, yep points counted!"
I think it's hilarious because my brother in law relayed all this to my husband when he handed over my extension table. It's like they've only just found out I've got this huge penchant for sewing and who can believe Lincraft staff know who I am before my name is even mentioned LOL.
I think he must have been dealing with the girl I wrote a positive letter about after she sold me my beloved Brother NS20 (I wrote about it here) because she would probably remember my name, but I don't know about any of the other staff members.
My husband wasn't all that surprised to hear how well they know me, though hehehehe.

On my table today:
I've just finished one little 4 inch block (of five) which will be part of a wallhanging for Quilting Mumma's son's birthday

This was really fun (although I took the long way about it, dragging it out). I got to use up some batting scraps, and I have always loved that blue argyle fabric. Plus, who doesn't love stripy binding!
Found those super-suitable buttons in spotlight by chance, used my new genuine stippling foot to machine around the letters and am just loving it from start to finish :-)

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