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Monday, March 5, 2012

Does anyone know what this game is? Mah jong? [Thrift store share]

My Mum bought this gorgeous game from an op shop this year and I don't know what it is. It seems to have one of the black pieces missing, as there is one more red piece than black.
The pieces are dazzling, and the case is enchanting. I can see why she couldn't leave it behind for the sake of $9!!

The outside of the case:

Please help us solve the mystery of what it is. Maybe one day we can get to have a game!


  1. Yep, it looks like mahjong to me. You see older people sitting on street corners and in parks all around Beijing playing it. I never really learnt characters but the first character on the case looks like they character for centre/middle, zhong. I used to play mahjong on the computer, but no idea about playing the real game...

  2. It's looks neat, but I've never seen one before. Good luck on figuring out how to play it.


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