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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TRAVELLING STASH (Australians all let us rejoice) March 2012

Updated. See the latest post here.
I have decided to organise a travelling stash!!!!!
So, a travelling stash (as I understand it) is a bunch of things (say 10+) such as fabric/notions/mags, other exciting goodies that is posted to you. When you receive it, you take out items you like and replace each item you took with something new. Then post it to the next person.

You're meant to blog about it on your blog so we all get to follow it, but I will be managing it as well.

I have a list already so we can get started, but I need some more takers [Entry closed Monday 26/3/12]so I can really get the ball rolling!? Who's interested? Please include your state (NSW).

I will get the first bunch of items ready and post up a picture before the end of the week (24/3/12) but you can sign up anytime [Entry closed Monday 26/3/12 See my latest post linked above on how to start your own]

You need to be willing to pay postage of the parcel to the next recipient. At this stage it will be in a trackable $7.20 satchel and may turn into a box costing around $10 to post. I think you'll find it's worth it to take part!


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