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Sunday, March 25, 2012

TRAVELLING STASH - Leaves tomorrow! Entry almost closed

Ok Ladies, the first name has been drawn! Janine was the first person from WA to email her postal address to me, and I'd expressed that WA was the first place I wanted to send it so that's where it will be going tomorrow!!

If I keep it within the same state generally, it will come around faster. Less time with Postman Pat and the quicker it gets to the rest of us. But don't lose faith too quickly, I'll be shaking it up too.
The rules of a normal travelling stash are:
1. You must be an ACTIVE BLOGGER
2. You must be a US RESIDENT
4. When you receive it, write a blog post on its contents, what you removed, and what you put in.
3. Replace per diem
5. Leave a comment on the blog (of who currently has it) for the chance to become the next recipient.


I don’t want you to miss out if you don’t have a blog, and why do the Yanks get to have all the fun?!

So these are my rules:
1. You sign up before midnight Monday 26 March 2012, and one day soon you will receive the travelling stash. Australians only, due to cost of postage.
2. You take out any things you like (might be every thing in the stash, could just be a few items).
3. You replace them with equal value stash items. (If you took 4 fat quarters of quilt quality fabric, replace it with 4 fq of quilt quality fabric, if you took a notion/magazine/pattern, replace it with a similar value notion etc.)
4. You must be committed to share photos of how you got/left the stash and be willing to pay the postage (including tracking of some sort) to the next recipient (I will give you their address, by email).

It’s a bit more work for me to keep track of it all the time, but I hate never winning anything so I’m doing this for everyone who never wins anything and I’m sure it will be worth it.


• You must be willing to pay the postage to forward on the stash WITH TRACKING. The 3kg traceable satchel costs $11.40. If you can get a cheaper rate with then go for it!
• How are you going to share your photo? I will ask you this by email before I send the stash your way.
Please join our Flickr group!
~If you have a blog, that’s probably easiest for you to blog about it (and I will send everyone there to have a sneaky peek! ‘Hello traffic’)
~If you don’t have a blog, you can simply add the photos to our flickr group

• If possible, uncommon fabrics would be ideal for sharing (although not all of us have a spotlight nearby).
• Have fun with it!!
What do YOU think?
Travelling stash Recipient 1

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  1. Sounds great! Can't wait! Thanks for organising this Cass!

  2. Look great and sounds exciting... I wonder how the chinese whisper of the travelling stash will arriving at my place.

  3. It looks great! I love some of those fabrics!

  4. I'm just wondering if that really cute owl fabric will still be in the stash by the time it reaches me... Guessing not, but so excited! And I think now is the time to actually start writing my blog too!

    1. There are a couple of people who are vying for that fabric, Bev, I think the person who gets it will have bragging rights for all of 2012 LOL. Hopefully they make something from it and the pressure of cutting it up isn't too much ;-)

  5. Oh how awesome! I so can't wait till the stash arrives at my house!

  6. Darn it, I missed it by 'this' much (picture Maxwell Smart and his hand gesture for that) will you be holding another one perhaps Cassie? If so, can I put my hand up now??? lol Will be keeping an eye on what everyone takes and puts back in....just for the jealousy side of



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