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Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Harem pants sz1 made from adult blouse sleeves

Cute, huh? These were sleeves that were cut from a top my Mum liked but wanted in "sleeveless" version. I pinned a tutorial on Pinterest and when it came time to make a unique first birthday present for a baby of a friend whose little crawler doesn't like dresses, I simply had to make them.

Her version was made using a blouse with very "pouffy" wrist to arm ratio, but my sleeves were not like that. I just unpicked the wrist from the rest and cut a little off the end before sewing it back together and making it more gathered.

Thanks to my nephew CJ for holding the baby still, I honestly took TWENTY FOUR photos of him and there are only these 3 that aren't [that] blurry!
Apologies for the lack of related styling, he's a boy with a boyish tshirt on, it was either this or a picture of them lying on my olfa mat haha.

I bought ribbing to complete the top from Spotlight.
As the recycled sleeves were only 3/4 length, I put a little extra in the front and back to allow them to fit over a squirming toddler and unforgiving nappy.

I think I will need to put elastic in the ankle part to finish them. Hope Charlotte likes them!

If you missed the link above, the TUTORIAL is HERE from

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