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Love the law of attraction too. And singing ...dancing ...bright colours and excessive punctuation ...and stationery.

Friday, March 9, 2012

What I've been up to lately (Jelly roll skirt and fondant car cake)

My son turned one recently and I used to hate to hear people say "oh gosh they grow so fast" because I mean, really, a year takes 365 days to go by no matter who you are! But ....Oh gosh he grew so fast LOL.
Anywho. I made him a car cake because he loves anything with wheels (vacuum cleaner and wheelie bin included).
Here are a few pics:

I went to the Sydney Craft and Sew show in Rosehill yesterday and bought so much stuff. Too busy to list it here, but I'm sure you'll see plenty of my goodies as they become finished projects!

I wanted to wear my skirt that I made from some of a Moda Ruby jelly roll that Ally gave me! It was a VERY rainy cold day so I just put my black tights underneath it. Here are a few pics (at the end of the day, sorry not freshly ironed LOL)


  1. hey cass, nice skirt. thanks for commenting on my blog. Do you know about quilt club australia on facebook? It's a great group if you want to do some more networking. :)

    1. Thanks Laura, I didn't know about quilt club australia thanks, I'm now a part! I've joined "The sewing library" and that gives something good to check out every now and again. I just found Samelia's Mum is the top post at quilt club australia - the creator of my recent name game swap. It can be a small world hehe.

  2. HI Cassie,

    Nice blog. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I like what you did with the car cake. Glad I could help. Nice colors too.
    Kids do grow fast. Mine are 4 1/2 and 2 1/2.
    Being busy sometimes makes it difficult to spend time with them.


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