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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I shall call her Sasha, and she shall be mine, and she shall be my Sasha stash

The travelling stash has brought so many goals up for me. One of my aims in the process is to better connect with you like minded people. So I hope to follow all the blogs of the TS (travelling stash) members. Sounds easy, right? Well yes, but I get distracted by the pretty colours and interesting stories. I haven't made it far, but one of the distracting blogs made me laugh out loud (really) was Bronwyn's Stop that owl blog!
She cracks me up with relatable well written things like "Not opposed to avoiding housework in favour of creating something." and check out the panic associated with having to abandon the sewing room here & you will be laughing I bet!

Anyway, she is really excited about the stash and just posted about it generally (I guess it's like when you go to a concert and the next day you're wondering where the artist is now, are they having breakfast or are they still asleep.... or maybe not LOL) and she said "'the stash' seems a bit impersonal for my liking, so from hereon in, I will refer to her as Sasha Stash" Haha! So from now on, please feel free to refer to Ms Stash by her first name, Sasha.

Other goals I'm getting to one day soon are:
  • To share all my blogging secrets, how I do my photos, html code, and all that jazz
  • To post on how you can easily start your own travelling stash & why
  • To have a guest post by the frequently published quilt designer Allison Nicoll (Exciting!)
  • Share with you my sewing space/s and storage methods
  • Use adjectives other than Awesome a little more often.
  • Probably more, I'll remember them as I'm supposed to be going to sleep and I'm really calculating whether I could turn that whole quilt on point or maybe make the edges octagonal instead, or maybe use that ruler I forgot I had from the last craft fair .......the list goes on LOL.

But for now I must get back to quilting in my pyjamas!


  1. ooohh your so clever miss cass... thanks for organising such a great swap.. cant wait to delve into the stash for some goodies...
    love you xx

  2. Aw *blushes* thanks Cass! I thought about a satellite tracking system for Sasha that we could view online (like the Santa one on Christmas Eve) but thought that may have been taking things just a little too far...

  3. I love the name Sasha Stash! Off to check out Bronwyn's blog now!


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