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Friday, March 30, 2012

Entering my quilts in my first ever quilt competitions!

I'm excited and nervous to tell you I've got the entry forms for two quilt shows this year! I've never entered a quilt in a competition before, but thought if my friend can do it then so can I!

NEWSFLASH:The Travelling stash has been received by Janine in WA! I'll post more once she gets a chance to swap items in and out :-)

The first comp I found, said "Are you under 35? Are you interested in quilting?" and I was hooked. It's the NSW Quilter's guild's 30th anniversary and they're celebrating with a comp worth up to $21,000 in prizes!

I'm not greedy, I don't need all $21,000 worth, but a new Brother machine would be super!
It will go nicely with my other new machine, Bernadina Brother.
Sounds like a name for a Bernina? I know, but it was my Grandmother's name. I was only a baby when she died so I don't remember her, but I know she sewed clothes for her 12 children, was quite a whizz with a pattern (as forced to learn due to my mother's interest in fashion at the time haha) and I wanted a name beginning with B for my new machine. So I trust she watches over me whilst we blissfully complete projects together.

I have a top secret idea for this comp [How does your garden grow], which ends in September 2012, but I will share all the details once the closing date is nearer.
I *will* tell you that I'm going to include some of this "Fanciful flight" fabric which I've already bought because OMG OMG I know, right!?

The other comp is a local one, The Central Coast's Quilt Show 2012 Annual Charity Quilt Competition and Exhibition on Sat 5 to Sun 6 May.

I started on this self-designed quilt, this week, and made this much in one day (even including unpicking one of the rows because it was upside down dammit).
I'm still to add borders and then quilt & bind it, but I think this will be one of my entries for the local show...

From this:

Progress to this (the bit missing was the bit I had to unpick ugh I hate unpicking)

To this

What do you think?

By the way I used Robert Kaufman's Quilter's helper Android app

to get the sizes for cutting the setting triangles. That app has EIGHT calculators on it, you really need it in your life!

And I know now why I never calculated offset triangles properly before. The seam allowance means your triangle never really meets the size til you sew it. Anyway, just a revelation that had nothing to do with anyone.

What else I've been up to:
I unpicked (again!) the stuff up I talked about here, and made 'im into a cute piggy!

Hope I win!

Also, I sewed this car cushion for a baby in my mother's group who's first birthday party is tomorrow.

I originally went to Lincraft to buy a cushion insert for a name pillow, and the plain insert I wanted was $4.99. I walked past the car cushion, marked down to $8.99 and decided I couldn't really make it for that cheap anyway, and the car cushion looks awesome, so I got out my favourite fusible webbing and fused "Samuel" on.
I've finished it now, but it's too late at night to get any better picture than this one. I'll add an updated one to my facebook page soon.
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  1. Cassie.....your quilt looks great!! Good to see you are entering in our local show.

  2. You go girl!!! You are on fire with all your stitching... love ya xx


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