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Monday, April 9, 2012

List of bloggers who are a part of the Travelling Stash!

Finally I've composed the list of Travelling stash members!!
You may want to bookmark this page so you can come back and check out everyone's page as you get the time (I've coded them to open in a new window to try and save you getting lost).
Consider hitting "Follow" as you reach each blog.

Also, we have a button now! I only ask you to share it if you want to, because entry is closed anyway.
If you want to display it, put this HTML code into the field on your blog/page:

And that will give you the image below, which is a link back here :-)

Now grab a cuppa and get acquainted with your fellow stashers!
In alphabetical order

Ally N
Anorina M
Beverley P​
Bronwyn B
Carol L
Danielle R
Ellie-Mae M
Fiona M
Jane D
Jessica R
Joelle J Facebook page for KNJ-Handmade-From-The-Heart
Julie Gorse
Kaitlyn B ​
Kate W
Kelly G
Kristy R
Marieka A
McKenna P
Sarah O sarahssewingjourney.blo​
Tracey R
And the members for whom I don't have a blog address for are Carolynne V, Fiona B, Jane K, Kylie B, Lara M, Lisa H, Maribel F, and Tina F
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yay! This is all very exciting :)

    Love the button you designed too! Will have to add it to my blog.

  2. Hey cass I am missing from here, although I said on the 52 weeks sewathon I'd be taking part...I have finally set up a blog, which I am learning how to use it lol...


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