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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quilting on the new machine.... not entirely happy

I haven't quilted on my new machine before this month, and I feel I've just got to "report back" on it.
I'm otherwise LOVING my Brother NS20 so much, but I'm bummed that the distance between the table (that the machine rests on, at my place), and the needle plate are so far apart. IE, it's taller than my old machine (Singer 1108).

So the drape of a quilt over the edge is so deep it's causing me grief :-(
I'm pretty sure my previous quilts weren't this bad, and I don't think it's the fact that they're going in the local show that's making me think that.
Look at the big pinch on the top right and bottom left. Poo.

The good news is I got an extension table for my birthday, it's just not here yet. So I'm grinning (or like wincing in the most positive possible way) and bearing it for the next little while.

In other news: four quilts in 8 days update
I've machined all machineable parts of quilt one (the largest one) apart from binding which I'm undecided on hand/machine finishing.
Sadly it turns out I bought craft wadding not quilt wadding and therefore this one will be spot clean only. Thanks to Jody at All about sewing for leading me back in the right direction so it doesn't happen again.

Here's a super unflattering pic of me basting it...

and a pic of me lugging this unruly joke through my machine!

Also: Sam from Ripple patch has invited me to be a part of her stand at the local show this weekend, demonstrating how to make these kanzashi flowers. I am totally stoked and took her up on the offer. I met Sam through Wyong Patchwork group when I joined late last year

PS Here are pictures of the sewing party cake for Quilting Mumma's and my sewing birthday party


  1. That cake is amazing! Did you make it? Awesome!!!

  2. That's a FANTASTIC and creative cake.


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