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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sunday morning loan to me yippee

Have you heard about the newest scrap sorting quilt book "Sunday morning quilts"?
I had seen it on craft newsletters, and then I heard that Quilting Mumma had it (was a bit jealous, but that was quickly quashed by the comfort in knowing she'll gladly let me peek at her copy) and on top of that, Samelia's Mum blogged about it too.
It was getting quite the reputation, but I don't really buy books. I have so many here, if I feel the urge I just go dig out a hand-me-down mag from the 90s and I feel better. Otherwise I have to go thru the guilt of all the projects I have half completed around here when I get a new publication.

Anyway, the universe was clearly asking me to receive it! Seeing as my Mum& Dad's mail is redirected to my place whilst they are on a caravan holiday, I get their mail.
I swear the package was begging me to open it immediately but I thought there's only about 50% chance it would interest me and I didn't.

Then Mum called, couldn't remember what fishpond purchase she'd made & asked me to open it and here we are!!!!

Of course I promise to share if I make any or something inspired by any

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***Further to the post above, I've since looked through the projects and am now desperate to make a modern scrap quilt out of it!
As I've mentioned before, a lot of fabric was given to me, even scraps. So many of my scraps aren't even mine, and have previously made the idea of a scrap quilt unappealing.
About 2 weeks ago I grabbed two boxes, cut a hole in the side of each, scribbled "2 1/2 inch" on one, and "1 1/2 or 3 1/2 inch" on the other and began cutting my scraps into one of the above sizes.
Not sure if this is going to be suitable for any of the projects in the book, but I'm on the path & loving it!


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