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Friday, April 13, 2012

TRAVELLING STASH - Travelling WA, who is next?!

The stash has now passed three people and should be in the hands of #4 Tina today or very soon!

The photos haven't been going on flickr because basically all the members are on the facebook group Quilt Club Australia and you can get much more discussion in on facebook than you can on flickr. I'm thinking of shutting down the flickr group (What do you think? Let me know in comments).
I feel like it's either that, or for me to update it by loading the pics from relevant blogs. But it hardly seems worth it, we're getting more out of sharing on facebook, aren't we?

Anyway, so an update is that Janine got it first, and shared the details using facebook. Then it was off to Tracey of The Peony Teacup who blogged about it here

Tracey took some of the orange fabric out and used it for the !!

Now I'm ten million times excited that not only is some of the fabric (previously unused, here in my NSW spare room) going into making a bag by McKenna, but now it's multiplied by over 50+ spread out recipients! I could not have dreamed that (even though it's kind of in a secret way that they'll never know the true meaning) something could have travelled so far and wide! And here's what's more... that fabric was given to me!

Well Tracey drove over to give it to the next recipient McKenna who blogged about it here

One of the pics from the contribution into Sasha stash

And yes, the stash is growing! I kind of knew that with a bunch of women (who are stereotypically caring and giving beings), that it would get bigger and bigger. I hope postman pat is kind (and looks the other way) if it exceeds 3kg! I couldn't really help it though, it was already on 3kg when it left because (being one of those stereotypical caring/giving beings) I kept adding to it thinking "that doesn't look like enough" til it was just about to burst LOL.

McKenna said it well when she spoke about her Grandmother saying "quilting life went far beyond the confines of her sewing space" and it truly is AMAZING to me too.

I have spent so much time at the computer recently, gravitating to my new likeminded friends, believing that maybe I can build on what I have, believing more in myself, and forging relationships that I enjoy so much, since finding facebook group Quilt Club Australia and am grateful to you all from the bottom of my heart! I dream of one day meeting as many of you as I can in person, but will already know so much from meeting you each night online. BIG HUGS!


  1. hey hun.. well Im one of the lucky ones really.. cause i get to give you squishy hugs IRL... and i feel really blessed to be able to do that!
    So love this sisterhood of sewing that we get to be part of.. it sure is way more than just needle and threads

  2. Gotta say I agree - QCA is a lot of fun! I have found I've tried lots of new things and gotten great advice through that group.

    Loving the travelling stash and its adventures. It's very fun to follow where it's going (perhaps with a little impatience haha!). I have even started buying things specifically to put in it when it's my turn. Tragic!!

    Re: the flickr group - if pretty much everyone on the travelling stash list is in QCA, I probably wouldn't worry too much about the group. Just my thoughts!

  3. I'm loving the facebook group too! I'm with Kristy - if most of us are on FB (and no one has gravitated to the flickr group) just go with doing it in QCA on FB!


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